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Fan Event information page

Make a purchase on the Official NCT 127 Store between May 28th (12:00am ET) and May 30th (11:59pm ET) for access to RSVP to an exclusive, NCT 127 fan event on June 1st, 2019.

A unique code and instructions to RSVP to the event will be delivered via email at time of purchase. Each unique code grants you ONE (1) RSVP. One unique code will be sent out per order.

Please note, RSVP does not guarantee entry to the event. Entry to the fan event will be granted on a first come, first served basis.

Fan event information

Date and Time:
Sat, June 1, 2019
12:00 PM – 3:00 PM PDT

Capitol Records Building
1750 Vine St
Los Angeles, CA 90028

10AM: Registration Begins / Fans can begin to line up
12PM:  Event Begins
3PM:  Event Ends

Q&A w/ NCT 127, Exclusive Photo Booth with “We Are Superhuman” Branding, Raffle for NCT #127 “We Are Superhuman” Prize pack including Photo w/ boys for 3 Lucky Winners. Free Food & Drinks and access to Exclusive Event Merch


PLEASE NOTE:  Based on number of attendees, we will need to cycle limited number of groups into the building for the event.


For questions or inquiries regarding pre sale codes, please email us at  NCT127@EPICRIGHTS.COM




QUESTION:  Will NCT 127 be there?

ANSWER:  Yes, Live and In Person!


QUESTION:  Does my previous pre-order get me an early access code?

ANSWER:  All orders as of Midnight Local Time on 5/28 should be receiving codes.   One code per order.


QUESTION:  When will I receive my code?

ANSWER:  You should have already received your code for purchases made starting on May 28th.


QUESTION:  I still don’t have my code, who can I reach out to? 

ANSWER:  nct127@epicrights.com


QUESTION:  Does this apply to anything on the store including merch, picture discs, etc.?

ANSWER:  Yes, but only items purchased up until 9PM PST on 5/30 will have early access.


QUESTION:  Is it one code per purchase or one code per item?

ANSWER:  It is one code per purchase so if you purchase two items in one transaction, you will receive only one code.


QUESTION:  When will we be able to RSVP?

ANSWER:  As soon as you get your code.


QUESTION:  Does everyone who gets a code get to attend or is it a code to enter a lottery to RSVP?

ANSWER:  Its First Come First Serve, but everyone can RSVP, entry is not guaranteed.  However, we will do our best to get everyone through in the time frame that we have set for the event.


QUESTION:  Do I need to bring an ID?

ANSWER:  When you registered for the event, your name went on a list.  We will have that list when you show up for the event so please bring a form of ID to check in.  It might be good to bring a copy of your confirmation email or ticket sent to you so we can cross-check in the case of any issues.  Registration starts at 10AM PST.


QUESTION:  Will I be able to get in even if I don’t purchase anything?

ANSWER:  There is a public window where anyone can RSVP but once it sells out, we will close the window.


QUESTION:  Can I camp out?

ANSWER:  We will not allow any camping out.  Registration for the event begins at 10AM PST on June 1st so please arrive around that time to check in.  The first group will enter at 12AM PST.


QUESTION:  Where do I park?

ANSWER:  There is street parking and several parking lots you can park at nearby.


QUESTION:  What should I bring?

ANSWER:  Yourself.  Please do not plan to bring in any large bags – they will not be allowed.  And we will be doing bag checks as well.


QUESTION:  Can I bring my NCT lightstick, signs & balloons?



QUESTION:  Will there be food and drinks?

ANSWER:  Yes, all food and drinks avail will be free!  We will be giving food & drink tickets out to all attendees.


QUESTION:  If I bought my minor an item and RSVPd them to the event, maybe I attend with them w/o an RSVP.



QUESTION:  Are cameras allowed?

ANSWER:  Yes, and we encourage it!


QUESTION:  What size bags are allowed?

ANSWER:  Only small bags (purse, etc).  Please no backpacks or larger bags.  We will be checking bags too.


QUESTION:  Can I bring food & drinks.

ANSWER:  There will be food trucks and beverages on site as well.  Please do not bring food on site, but we suggest you bring some water bottles while you are standing in line if you decide to arrive early as you might have to wait a bit to enter.


QUESTION:  Are any pets allowed at the event?

ANSWER:  We will allow actual service dogs, but not dogs for emotional support.


QUESTION: Will I be able to get in even if I don’t purchase anything?

ANSWER: There will be a public window on 5/31 where anyone can RSVP but once it sells out, we will close the window.