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NCT 127 질주 2 Baddies Tote Bag Deluxe Box

NCT 127 질주 2 Baddies Lanyard + Buttons Set Deluxe Box

NCT 127, releases their 4th full-length album ‘질주 (2 Baddies) – The 4th Album’!

The album consists of 12 songs across various genres including the lead single, ‘질주 (2 Baddies)’. The album presents fans around the globe an opportunity to meet NCT 127’s brilliant performance as well as their appealing vocals. The lead single is a powerful performance based hip-hop dance track with a catchy signature synth sound and members’ energetic vocals. The lyrics portray NCT 127’s positive mindset, racing through life with confidence to reach success.

Globally renowned songwriters participated in this album’s production, including Dem Jointz, Andreas Öberg, Cutfather, and KENZIE, Paul Blanco, sokodomo.

Deluxe Box Set Includes:

1. Wallet CD
2. Tote Bag
3. Folded Poster
4. Photo Card – 1ea (Random out of 18)
5. Postcard - 1ea (Random out of 9)
6. Mini Pouch

Box dimensions: 7.5" x 7.5" x 3.25"


01. Faster
02. 질주 (2 Baddies)
03. Time Lapse
04. 불시착 (Crash Landing)
05. Designer
06. 윤슬 (Gold Dust)
07. 흑백 영화 (Black Clouds)
08. Playback
09. Tasty (貘)
10. Vitamin
11. LOL (Laugh-Out-Loud)
12. 1, 2, 7 (Time Stops)

Limited to 4 units per fan.

Ships to US Only.