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NCT 127 The 5th Album 'Fact Check' (Storage Ver.)

01 Fact Check (불가사의; 不可思議) (*Title)
02 무중력 (Space)
03 Parade (행진)
04 Angel Eyes
05 Yacht
06 Je Ne Sais Quoi
07 별의 시 (Love is a beauty)
08 소나기 (Misty)
09 Real Life

NCT 127's fifth full-length album 'Fact Check' consists total of nine songs, including the single 'Fact Check (불가사의; 不可思議)' of the same name, a rhythmical dance song based on an intense main synth loop. It expresses NCT 127's confidence that they wouldn’t fear to ‘fact-check’ to compare themselves with artwork forever valuable.

- Size: 133*185 (mm)
- Component: CD

1. Photobook: 96p
2. Postcard: 27ea
3. Photocard: 1ea (Random out of 9)

Limited To 4 Units Per Fan
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