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The 2nd Album ‘NCT #127 Neo Zone’ (Kit Ver.)

NCT 127’s 2nd full length album ‘NCT #127 Neo Zone’ (Kit Ver.) released on March 27th with 13 tracks expresses NCT 127’s unique music color.

The album’s exclusive title ‘Neo Zone’ builds high expectation while implying a brand new introduction to NCT 127’s music world.

The album includes 1 Package, 1 folding Photo, and Photo Card (Random 1 out of 9).

Dimensions: 3.97(w)*3.97(h)*1.33(t) (in.)


01 Elevator (127F)

02 영웅 (英雄; Kick It) *Title*

03 꿈 (Boom)

04 낮잠 (Pandora’s Box)

05 Day Dream (白日夢)

06 Interlude: Neo Zone

07 뿔 (MAD DOG)

08 Sit Down!

09 메아리 (Love Me Now)

10 우산 (Love Song)

11 백야 (White Night)

12 Not Alone

13 Dreams Come True


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